Let's imagine you own a Land Rover Defender, which we'll assume you do which is why you're here. She's your pride and joy. Awesome. Stunning. Great fun. Caked in mud. Unstoppable. The envy of your mates. You love her more than your significant other, and every now and again she needs a little bit of TLC. A replacement part here, an upgraded component there. Many brand new Defender parts are getting prohibitively expensive due to their scarcity, and many of the parts you find online through eBay, breakers' yards and the like look like they've had a hard life and aren't in much better condition than the part you want to replace. What do you do? You need a set of replacement doors. Her wheels could do with an upgrade as they've seen so many rocks and pot holes on your greenlaning adventures that you'd be doing her iconic looks a favour by investing in a replacement set. Only, you don't want to spend the earth.

And that's where we come in.

Founded in mid-2018, The Spare Company is a distributor of used parts and accessories for the Land Rover Defender, with an eye on producing its own range of new automotive accessories. Removed from donor vehicles used by our parent company, Dauntless, during their re-imaginative builds, The Spare Company picks the best of these surplus parts and components and recycles them back into the broader Defender family for re-use. We have in stock a broad supply of used OEM and aftermarket parts and, for a limited time, unused aftermarket parts at reasonable prices.

Our focus on recycling and reusing what already exists is a mantra we channel through our core business philosophy. Given our key business function at this stage is product distribution, and fully aware of the impact that single use packaging materials can have on the environment, we have made it so as much of the packaging in which we distribute the products we sell, is either recyclable or biodegradable.

We aim to provide you with a high quality consumer experience and we welcome all constructive suggestions, comments and feedback.

The Spare Company is in no way affiliated or associated with Jaguar Land Rover Ltd., or any of her commercial partners.

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The Spare Company sells new, used and nearly-new automotive parts. By entering this website you acknowledge that The Spare Company does not offer warranties or guarantees on either second-hand nor nearly-new items, and that all used and nearly-new products offered for sale on this site, or through any other platform The Spare Company chooses to sell its products, are sold as seen and are fitted to buyer's vehicles entirely at the risk of the buyer. We recommend that an independent automotive specialist checks any parts, and the fitting of those parts, before and after they are fitted to your vehicle. We do not have formal or informal relationships with any of the brands/distributors of the used and nearly-new products for sale on this site. New products are offered with a 12 month warranty when proof of purchase is presented. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Shipping is calculated on checkout.